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Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Shoichiro Tanaka


Shoichiro Tanaka is a founder of Tanaakk LLC, seasoned professional driving shareholder’s value enhancement with tough negotiation between customers, employees and stakeholders. 


<Business Experience>
-Public Company Director Experience, IPO
-Running international law firm in Tanaakk group, Tanaakk LLP
-Cross boarder M&A, PMI, legal negotiation
-Stakeholder Communication
-Tech startup acceleration and growth control
-Microsoft®︎, ImmuniWeb® partner
<Engineering Experience>
-Microsoft Azure/AWS/GCP/Salesforce Cloud
-OSS like Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Github
-Cloud defined network, container based application, distributed DB skills
-WebApp, MobileApp, Connected IoT
-data science, linear algebra
-NIST SP800 / ISO27001
-OWASP WEB Top10/Mobile Top10/IoT Top10
-Microsoft STRIDE
-TLPT /Threat Hunting/ Red Teaming
-DevOps, CI/CD, Container-based development