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Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


Shoichiro Tanaka


Shoichiro Tanaka started his business in 2006 when he was in law major of the University of Tokyo. 2018-2020 he was the most youngest public company director in Japan out of 45000 directors among avarage 63 years old guys. He has several investment exprience into VLC Holdings, Cybergym, CEL, GFX and got exclusive reseller of ImmuniWeb Japan. Awarded No.1 prise in APAC managed security consulting domain by Enterprise Security Magazine, US in 2020. In March 2022 he is certified by FSA, government as qualified institutional investor in Japan.


<Business Experience>
-Public Company Director Experience, IPO
-Running international law firm in TANAAKK group
-Qualified institutional investor in Japan under FSA, government financial agency
-Cross boarder M&A, PMI, legal negotiation
<Engineering Experience>
-Microsoft Azure/AWS/GCP/Salesforce Cloud
-OSS like Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Github
-Cloud defined network, container based application, distributed DB skills
-WebApp, MobileApp, Connected IoT
-data science, linear algebra
-NIST SP800 / ISO27001
-OWASP WEB Top10/Mobile Top10/IoT Top10
-Microsoft STRIDE
-TLPT /Threat Hunting/ Red Teaming
-DevOps, CI/CD, Container-based development